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Elements Large Window with Woman

Elements Large Window

If energy efficiency is your foremost consideration in choosing a window—and color choice, too—then you should know about the Elements line of vinyl replacement windows by Soft Lite.

Soft Lite has been a manufacturer of window products since 1934, and in order to separate themselves from their competition, they set out to create the most eco-friendly, energy-efficient window in the industry—bar noneno matter what material: wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum… you name it.

Did they get the job done?

Did they ever. Elements vinyl replacement windows are currently deemed the most energy-efficient produced in North America according to independent assessments by the AAMA1 and the NFRC2, exceeding all industry standards for durability, energy, and efficiency, not to mention air- and water-penetration. And they have won the EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for 2014.

1 American Architectural Manufacturers Association 2National Fenestration Rating Counsel

How did they do it?

Elements Casements

Elements Casements

First, by reinforcing the window with Kelvar instead of metal. Kelvar is a synthetic fiber with a tensile strength-to-weight  ratio that’s five times that of steel. it was developed to replace the steel cords in racing tires. It also does military duty as the main reinforcing agent for combat helmets, ballistic face masks, and bulletproof vests.

This kind of strength makes for a vinyl replacement window that is virtually impervious to warping from heat, from cold, your home’s natural settling—whatever. In fact, Elements vinyl windows are twice as strong as the industry average.

Elements Garden Window

Elements Garden Window

Beyond its exceptional strength, unlike metal or steel, Kelvar does not conduct heat or cold. So you get a window that is stronger than steel with none of the heat- and cold-conducting disadvantages of metal frames or reinforcements.

Next, using robotic technology not available just a few years ago, Elements frames are built to extremely precise tolorences (.03125 in. to be exact), resulting in perfect welds and smooth micro-abraded seams.

Then the frames are filled with insulation, which is rare enough among replacement vinyl windows. But rather than simply slide or spray the insulation into the frame, Soft-Lite hand-fills it to make sure no seam or crevice gets overlooked.

The net result is that Elements vinyl replacement windows are independently rated to leak 15 times less air than the leading competition, and boast a U-factor that is 20 percent better than the highest NFRC-rated U-factor in the industry.

3U-factor is the nationally-recognized rating method used by the NFRC for a window in its entirety, including glass, frame, and spacers. The lower the U-factor the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating properties.


  • EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for 2014
  • AAMA GOLD LABEL Certified
  • Highest NFRC RATED U-Factor in the industry
  • Resistance to air penetration 30 times better than industry minimum (0.01cfm @ 25 MPH)
  • Resistance to water penetration 70 percent better than industry minimum (DP55 56 MPH @ 8 inches of rain-per-hour)
  • Resistance to wind load is twice stronger than industry minimum (DP70 at 203 MPH)

Did we mention they tilt?

Elements Product shot

Exclusive Tilt-In Convenience

Both Elements double-hung and slider vinyl replacement windows can tilt inward for easy cleaning. The tilt feature is one-touch and achieved with a patented invisible hardware system that completely eliminates traditional tilt latches, thereby adding a streamlined premium look.

Have a very specific color in mind?

Elements vinyl replacement windows offer a wide assortment of standard exterior-side paint options. So chances are the color you want is a color they have. But if you really want a very specific color, you can choose virtually any shade on Earth as an extra-cost custom option—and it will carry the same guarantee against chipping or fading as do any of the Elements standard colors. No other vinyl replacement window company we know of offers anything like it.

What are the available styles?

French Door With Blinds

French Door With Blinds

  • Double-hung (vertically-opening) models incorporate a Teflon-coated 3/4-inch heavy duty constant force balance that never needs adjusting and provides for silky-smooth operation. Proprietary sill and sash designs provide superior barriers and diversions to water, as well as integrated interlocks, air locks, and weatherstripping to provide the ultimate in energy efficiency.
  • Slider (horizontally-opening) models have sashes that roll effortlessly on corrosion-resistant brass rollers. Sliders allow for wider window configurations. For example, you can opt for 2-lite or 3-lite sliders depending on your wall space or decorating preferences.
  • Casement (bottom-hinged) and Awning (top-hinged) models offer the esthetics of a sealed picture window but allow for ventilation and the ability to open the window to the outdoors. In addition to being used individually, Casements and Awnings can be incorporated into a bay window, a bow window, or other multi-window configurations.

What is the guarantee?

Elements Thermal Exterior

Elements Thermal Exterior

In addition to our best-in-the-industry Genesis Exteriors guarantee, Elements windows are additionally backed by Soft-Lite’s standard lifetime warranty and come with accidental glass breakage protection.

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