SmartSide® Wood & Resin Siding

What kind of siding you should buy for your home depends on your budget, personal tastes, how long you intend to live there, and other factors. It’s your home. It’s your choice. We’re as committed to installing one kind of siding for you as we are to any other.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t our opinions.

Our siding experts believe that the best siding on the market today is a proprietary product called SmartSide® that’s made by LP Building Products, a leading manufacturer of high-quality building materials for new construction, repair, and remodeling.

SmartSide Wood & Resin SidingSmartSide is composed of wood strands and fibers that are mixed and chemically bonded with premium exterior-grade resins. A zinc borate compound is applied throughout the process to help protect against fungal decay and termites.

The resulting product has the warm look of genuine wood, because wood is mostly what it is. But the resins give it the durability of an engineered product, enabling it to withstand extreme heat, cold, humidity, and rainfall without warping, cracking, or fading.

SmartSide is impervious to fungus—and termites are just not interested in the stuff. The only product that comes close to SmartSide in terms of looks and durability is fiber cement.

 Why consider SmartSide over fiber cement?

SmartSide requires less installation time & cost relative to fiber cement. It’s a wood & resin product, thereby much lighter than fiber cement, so easier to handle. It works and cuts just like traditional wood, taking nails and screws; and it’s delivered factory-primed to take paint.

Conversely, working with fiber cement requires particular protective gear, safety training, and special cutting tools. Fiber cement siding is generally a good option but can absorb moisture and delaminate when installed against or near horizontal surfaces such as roofs or landings.

SmartSide is strongest among all kinds of siding. Fiber cement is very strong. It’s cement after all. But it’s more likely to break or crack when struck by hail or errant baseballs, which is no small thing.

Wood Resin

Why consider SmartSide over wood?

SmartSide products resemble wood more so than any other type of siding. That’s because it’s composed primarily of wood strands & fibers that have grain cast into them when they’re bonded to the resin. You get the look of wood without the high-maintenance, risk of warping, and vulnerability wood to mold and termites. Yet, it’s usually less expensive than wood.

Why consider SmartSide over vinyl?

SmartSide has better curb appeal because It’s more realistic and natural-looking than vinyl as well thicker and more durable.

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