Siding Installation

Why choose Genesis Exteriors as your Madison Siding Contractor?

Siding is what people usually notice first about a house. It’s a primary contributor to your home’s value and “curb appeal” and has two important jobs. The first is protecting your home from the elements, particularly water penetration. The second is providing an aesthetically pleasing look that complements your property.

You have a wide range of siding choices. But keep in mind that any material you choose will be only as good as its installation. Your decision about which Madison siding contractor to trust is as important as what material you ultimately decide upon—and probably more so.

Different siding materials require different techniques and specifications. These include the number and placement of nails, the degree of their penetration, the amount of space required between each piece of material; the correct underlayment, the conditioning of the substrate; and more.

Ignore any one of these things and the result can be warping, water penetration, rot, carpenter ants, or a raft of other problems that are easily avoided  if the job is done correctly in the first place.

Genesis Exteriors offers you more than a decade of award-winning service and expertise installing all kinds of siding at homes and businesses throughout South Central Wisconsin, having completed over 1000 exterior remodeling projects in the last five years alone. As well, we maintain a list of no less than 75 references whom you can call with specific questions about our principles, practices, and workmanship. Learn more.