Grandura/Mastic Vinyl Siding

To understand the features & benefits of Grandura/Mastic Vinyl Siding you need to know about Amcraft Building Products Company, the world’s leading supplier of exterior home products. It has seven-billion dollars in annual sales and has been around for over three decades.

Amcraft earns its living as a premium distributor of the very best doors, windows, gutters, siding and other building materials. They are not a manufacturer. And so they invented Grandura: a program that pairs what they determine to be the very best vinyl siding with the top one-percent of siding dealers in the country, allowing only one contractor/installer per market region.

The siding they chose is Mastic Vinyl Siding. The exclusive local dealer they chose is Genesis Exteriors.

Why should you care?

It’s the lifetime guarantee for both materials and labor. Amcraft believes they can sell more Mastic Vinyl Siding than anyone on the planet by offering a guarantee that’s out of this world. And the way they can do that (with minimum risk to their brand, reputation, and bottom line) is to offer the very best vinyl siding installed by the very best local contractor, and then guarantee it like nobody else in the business.

So what exactly is the guarantee?

In sum, for as long as you own it, you’ll bear no cost for materials or labor in the extremely unlikely event that any Grandura/Mastic Vinyl Siding installed by Genesis Exteriors develops a problem. More exactly:

  • Amcraft fully guarantees all Grandura/Mastic Vinyl Siding installed by Genesis Exteriors for as long as you own it; and this materials guarantee is transferable should you sell your home—effectively a double lifetime materials warranty.
  • Genesis Exteriors warrants to the original owner free labor to replace any damaged Grandura/Mastic siding if it is the result of a manufacturing failure or defect.
  • Amcraft also supplies you with a lifetime insurance supplement for hail damage. If your insurance company were to underestimate the actual cost of replacing any Grandura/Mastic Vinyl Siding, Amcraft will supply you with free siding to cover the shortfall.

Remember: a guarantee is only as good as the company that issues it.

No other Madison replacement vinyl-siding installer can offer a warranty this long or comprehensive as Genesis Exteriors. And you can rest assured that  will be here years from now to honor your warranty—both materials and labor. Consider:

  • Amcraft Building Products Company is a multi-billion corporation that has been in business over 30 years
  • Mastic has been a market leader in siding for over 70 years and is part of PlyGem, a manufacturing leader in exterior products with almost two-billion dollars in sales annually.
  • Genesis Exteriors craftsmen have been providing quality remodeling services to Dane County and South Central Wisconsin homeowners and businesses for over a decade, having completed well over 1000 exterior remodeling projects in the last five years alone: roofs, siding, windows, doors, and gutters.

And what about the Grandura/Mastic vinyl siding itself?

Genesis-Exteriors-New-Website-1.5Grandura/Mastic Vinyl Siding Features & Benefits

Grandura/Mastic Premium vinyl siding is probably the finest available to date, thanks to a variety of technologies that you won’t find together in any other vinyl-siding product. It comes in longer 16 ft.-8 in. lengths so that there is less lapping, giving your home a more streamlined, virtually seamless appearance.




Grandura/Mastic Premium Insulated vinyl siding adds a layer of insulation and is a cost-effective way to make your home warmer and cozier without opening walls and otherwise doing extensive remodeling.

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