Roofing Installation

We use power nail guns—and good old-fashioned hammers, too

The familiar sound of power nail guns is closely associated with Madison roofing contractors. But using one isn’t just a matter of aiming at the shingle and firing. Experience counts—a lot.

Depending on a host of considerations, securing various kinds of shingles to different kinds of substrate requires varying degrees of impact to the nail head, even from shingle to shingle. Set the gun too “high” and the nail head will penetrate the shingle, causing it to leak. Set the gun too “low” and the shingles will be blown from the roof by the first Wisconsin winter wind.

Not only that—sometimes a simple hammer is the best thing to use. This is particularly true on very steep surfaces such as an A-frame or mansard roof. Trying to hold shingle after shingle in exact position on a steep surface while firing a high-powered nail gun almost guarantees that some will be out of alignment or otherwise improperly installed.

To avoid ice-damming and related problems, we only install externally baffled end-to-end ridge venting to ensure proper airflow in your attic space. We fit double the amount of ice and water shielding than the recommended industry standard. And we hammer five nails per shingle to provide superior holding power against Wisconsin winter winds.

With thousands of exterior projects under our belt, you can rest assured that our Quality Control Supervisor will specify the best method for your specific style of roof and its particular kind of shingle.

Roofing Material Products

Wisconsin winters are harsh. Skimping on materials and/or using inferior products are the two primary reasons for project failures. That’s why we only install and guarantee roofing materials from either GAF Materials Corporation or Owens Corning, depending on which has the better product for your particular project. Consider:

  • GAF is North America’s largest and most trusted roofing supplies manufacturer.  
  • Owens Corning has been a leading supplier of roofing materials for over 75 years.

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