Remodeling experts advise that one of the first decisions you must make when replacing your home’s exterior windows is between new windows and replacement windows.

Replacement windows

Replacement windows are specified when you only want to remove your old or poor-quality windows without disturbing the surrounding trim and/or frame. The replacement window is designed to fit the existing opening.

Depending on the manufacturer, replacement windows come in standard sizes that fit the most common-size openings, or they can be custom-ordered to fit your unique specifications.

Replacement windows are a great option if your existing frame is in good condition, or when the trim is special to the design and décor of your home.

Replacement windows cost roughly the same as new windows. But they require less of an investment than new windows since they cost less to install

New windows

New windows are specified if you wish to change the dimensions of the openings to accommodate completely new window styles and shapes.

The appeal of new windows is that you can transform the appearance of your home—both its exterior and interior.

As mentioned earlier, new windows cost no more than replacement windows. However, since they require skilled carpentry to install, the overall project will require a larger investment.

Did You Know?

Genesis Exteriors craftsmen have been providing quality remodeling services to Dane County and South Central Wisconsin homeowners and businesses since 2004, having completed over 1000 exterior remodeling projects in the last five years alone: roofs, siding, windows, doors, and gutters.

Our crew supervisors have a minimum of 15 years experience each. In addition we are:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured in the State of Wisconsin
  • Recipient of the Angie’s List® Super Service Award in 2010 and 2011
  • Registered in Wisconsin under the S & B Building Contractor Program, which ensures that all work completed at your home or business will meet the latest state codes and building requirements (registration #10657 d.b.a. Everyday Interiors)

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