There are different kinds of glass to consider when contemplating new or replacement windows for your home, according to exterior-remodeling industry experts.

Sheet glass

Sheet glass is what most people think about when they hear the word “glass.” It’s what you’ll usually find in older homes. It’s easy to cut and install, but it’s not energy efficient. If you’re replacing a piece of sheet glass in your older home, make sure your installer uses “window grade.” There are cheaper grades, none of which are intended for home finsitration.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is typically used in storm windows, screen doors, and door glass. It’s heat-treated so that it crumbles instead of splintering into dangerous shards, but it cannot be cut with a normal glasscutter. Thus, it has to be ordered in the precise size that you need.

Low-emissivity glass

Low emissivity or “Low-e” glass has a special coating that effectively allows light to pass while reflecting heat, which is ideal for energy efficiency. Unlike tinted glass, low-emissivity glass reflects heat without reducing the amount of light admitted into the space.

Pattern glass

This sort of glass has a pattern impressed on one side of it, which prevents people from seeing through it, but nonetheless allows light to pass. This makes it perfect for bathrooms and other settings where privacy is paramount. It can be ordered in tinted varieties.

Multi-pane glass

Double-, triple- and even quadruple-pane glass are available for maximum insulation. However, the insulating factor of the window isn’t so much a function of how many panes it has. Instead, it’s the air between each pane that provides the additional insulation. Nowadays, most companies use Argon between panes, as it insulates better than air alone.

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