Wisconsin winters are harsh. Skimping on materials and/or using inferior products are the two primary reasons for project failures.

Windows and Doors

We only install products rated “highly recommended” by Consumer Reports. Exterior windows and doors must provide security, weather-proofing, and aesthetic appeal to your home or business. So it’s important that they be of high quality and properly installed. Genesis Exteriors offers you more than a decade of award-winning service and expertise installing windows and doors at homes and businesses throughout South Central Wisconsin.


We purchase your roofing materials exclusively from either GAF Materials Corporation or Owens Corning, depending on which has the better product for your particular project. Consider: GAF is North America’s largest and most trusted roofing supplies manufacturer. Owens Corning has been a leading supplier of roofing materials for over 75 years. To avoid ice damming and related problems, we only install externally baffled end-to-end ridge venting to ensure proper airflow in your attic space. We fit double the amount of ice and water shielding than the recommended industry standard. And we hammer five nails per shingle to provide superior holding power against Wisconsin winter winds.


You have a wide range of siding choices: Fiber Cement, Plywood, Vinyl, Wood & Resin. But whatever material you choose will be only as good as its installation. Different siding materials require different techniques and specifications. These include the number and placement of nails, the degree of their penetration, the amount of space required between each piece of material; the correct underlayment, the conditioning of the substrate; and more. Ignore any one of these things and the result can be warping, water penetration, rot, carpenter ants, or a raft of other problems that are easily avoided — if the job is done correctly in the first place.