Marvin Integrity Fiberglass Windows

Marvin is the world’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass replacement windows and doors made with Ultrex®, a highly durable, state-of-the-art, pultruded fiberglass material that significantly outperforms vinyl and roll-form aluminum.

Fiberglass vinylFiberglass is stronger than vinyl- or wood-frames

Marvin Integrity fiberglass replacement windows best resist warping and binding that can occur when houses settle. Fiberglass doesn’t shrink, sag, or crack, as might vinyl; and minimal expansion and contraction keep windows square and tightly sealed. Fiberglass doesn’t corrode, and it also provides superior resistance to solar heat and UV rays.

Marvin Integrity fiberglass frames are more stable than those made of vinyl or wood

Fiberglass expands and contracts at basically the same rate as glass. This means that there is less gapping between the glass and frame as weather changes from one extreme to the other. So there is much less air leakage and much less stress on locking mechanisms.

Fiberglass ultresTo put that into perspective, aluminum expands-and-contracts at triple the rate of glass; vinyl at seven times the rate; and wood is even more active than either, depending on the species. So there are a lot more opportunities with wood, vinyl, or aluminum for gaps to develop, leaking heated or cooled air into the outdoors.

Fiberglass is more thermally efficient

Fiberglass has air trapped inside of it, making it much more thermally and acoustically efficient than vinyl. Also, because they aren’t as rigid as fiberglass, vinyl frames need to be reinforced with steel or aluminum stiffeners, which are excellent conductors of heat and cold and thereby diminish the overall thermal efficiency of vinyl.

Marvin Integrity fiberglass replacement windows are available in more colors—and can be repainted a new color

Because fiberglass conducts comparatively no heat, fiberglass replacement windows are available in heat-absorbing darker colors that would otherwise warp vinyl or wood.  And unlike vinyl replacement windows, if you change your mind years from now, you can paint fiberglass windows a new and different color.

ultrex AAMA certifiedMarvin Integrity fiberglass replacement windows are available with genuine wood interiors

Marvin offers all-fiberglass models, and they are also available with genuine wood interiors that can be stained to exactly match your existing woodwork and trim. This is very different than other replacement window companies that offer so-called “gel coat” finishes on interior surfaces.

Gel-coats are promoted for their “durability.” But they will eventually need refinishing—and it is virtually impossible to do a good job on them. In fact, our sister-company Genesis Painting will not attempt it because we cannot complete the job to our standards—or yours.

Marvin Integrity fiberglass replacement windows are eco-friendly

It takes much less energy to make fiberglass than other comparable window framing materials.  And fiberglass is essentially made from glass, which is essentially made from sand: definitely a renewable resource.

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